Adidas Athletics Players who have signed up for Academy Training will have access to some of the best baseball training the state of Missouri has to offer. Academy Training is for the Athletics player looking to fully dedicate himself to baseball. Players enrolled in Academy Training will have access to the programs detailed below. Academy Training can take place 4-5 days per week.

St. Louis’ destination for baseball throwing development. At ACE, our goal is to maximize the performance of each athlete in our program to help them become COMPLETE throwers. Athletes are unique and will be trained based off of age, strength, motor control, learning style, movement patterns and work ethic. We use state of the art data analysis, video & training protocols to help athletes achieve their goals of playing at the next level. Come see why high level professional, collegiate and high school players trust us with their development. 

EBA believes that no two athletes are the same, and our program reflects that. We offer both private and semi-private training for youth, high school, collegiate, and professional athletes. Each athlete goes through a detailed screening process to both determine what exactly they need, as well as take measurable baseline numbers to measure improvements. Whether its a return to sport post injury program, strength and conditioning, or baseball specific skill work, EBA has a program for you!

A hitter first must understand from where they swing. Where are their hands. Where is their weight? What posture works? What degree of coil? What direction does he launch? Can they feel their back? Etc. The swing is almost automatic, easy, if you get to the launch position, on time, with control. If you can get to and control your launch position, therein lies hitting. When a hitter learns how to load, when to load, and how to control the load, it doesn’t matter what pitch is thrown. He can swing now for the fastball or wait a tick for the off speed. He RELEASES the energy at that point. He doesn’t create it at that point.

Catchers enrolled in Academy Training will take part in a competitive environment designed for catchers to compete, work on glove skills, blocking techniques and pop times.


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