We’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions in one place to help our players and families get a better understanding of what is involved with being a member of the Adidas Athletics.

“When Does Winter Training Begin?”

For high school players, winter training begins in November and runs until the end of February. For youth players, winter training begins in December and runs until mid March.

“What’s Academy Training?”

Academy Training is a higher level training program than what comes with the standard registration.  The standard registration comes with a winter training program takes place once a week for a couple of hours and covers all aspects of the game.

Academy Training can take place 4-5 days a week and includes a strength and conditioning program as well as extra hitting and fielding training.  It also includes pitchers and catchers training for players that that would apply to. 

Academy Training begins in November and runs until the end of February.

Academy Training can be added to your registration even if you didn’t select it as an option at the time of registration.

Players and families often ask if they get to pick the positions they’ll train in during Academy Training. While we do take feedback from players and families when considering where to have players focus their training efforts, we feel it’s in the best interest of the player to have them train at positions that make the most sense for who they are as a player.

“Fall Ball?”

The Adidas Athletics considers fall ball a time to get in game reps in a more laid back, lower pressure environment. Fall ball is optional with the Athletics. We understand fall is the offseason for baseball and we accept and encourage the multi sport athlete.

Fall ball can be added to your registration even if you didn’t select it as an option at the time of registration.

High school fall ball typically starts at the beginning of September and runs into mid to late October. High school fall ball players should expect to play every weekend during that time frame.

Youth fall ball typically starts at the end of August and runs into early to mid October. Youth fall ball players should expect to play in around 12-15 games.

“How Are Spring/Summer Teams Determined?”

We re-roster our teams after each season.  We do this to allow for new players to join the A’s and be rostered at the appropriate level. We want new, high level players to be placed on a high level team, if their skills merit this.  Re-rostering also keeps our current players working hard because they know their roster spot isn’t guaranteed from year to year.  Players also develop a lot over the course of winter training and we want to be able to make the most informed decisions we possibly can when creating our rosters.

“When are rosters/schedules released?”

High school rosters/schedules are released in mid March.

Youth rosters/schedules are released in mid February.


Adidas Athletics players will receive two uniform tops and a hat as part of their registration.

Uniform items are available to try on at Athletic Baseball Academy and we recommend having your player do this to ensure you have the correct sizing.

Players will need to purchase pants, belt, socks and helmet. If returning players already have those items and they still work for them, they can use those. New items can be purchased at the Athletic Baseball Academy.

Any uniform questions, whether it’s a lost uniform top or question about when uniforms will come in, should be directed to Alec Logue at alogue@adidasathletics.org

“Where Can I Purchase A’s Gear?”

“How Do I Activate/Use My Facility Pass?”

Adidas Athletics players have access to a facility pass which will allow them to use the Athletic Baseball Academy to train on their own time. The facility pass allows players to book a cage, mound or turf space for 30 minutes per day. Reservations can only be made 24 hours in advance.

Please contact matthew@adidasathletics.org in order to activate your facility pass.

“How Do I Update My Payment Information In TeamSnap?”

“Do The Athletics Offer Private Lessons?”

“Do The Athletics Offer Recruiting Videos?”

Yes, we do film recruiting videos to help with the college recruiting process. Contact Matthew Herrin at matthew@adidasathletics.org to get something set up.

“Questions On The College Recruiting Process?”

When is a good time to attend a showcase? Is this particular showcase worth our time? Which showcase should I attend? There are a lot of questions about the college recruiting process and we can help you navigate it.

If you have questions after watching the video, please direct them to recruiting@adidasathletics.org and a member of the Adidas Athletics will get back to you as soon as possible.

“How Do I Book My Hotel For The Out Of Town Tournament?”

If your team is traveling out of town, you’ll probably need to book a hotel. Hotel information was likely sent out to you via email but if you have questions about hotel accommodations for the out of town tournament, please contact Andrew Perry at perry@adidasathletics.org.


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